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પુંજો ખિસ્તરીયો (Punja Khistariya

પુંજો ખિસ્તરીયો લે. ભરતભાઇ બાપોદરા, મુ. બાપોદર (કથા સમય: ઇ.સ.૧૭૭૧ આસપાસ) # ૧ # બરડાનાં ત્રણ વાનાંને લોક કવિઓએ મન ભરીને ગાયા છે. બરડાનો ડુંગર, બરડાની નારી...

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Shravan Mas

The month of Shravan is the fifth month of the Hindu calender beginning from Chaitra, and is the most auspicious month of the Chaturmas....



Ramdevpir Barporo....coming soon
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Maher Jawa Mard Books

Maher Jawa Mard (શ્રી મહેર જવાં મર્દ) is the title given by Late Maldevbapu to his original set of books that were published in Gujarati...

Suklap Magazine

Welcome to Suklap Magazine Suklap magazine is one of the oldest, most read and widely distributed news magazine within the Maher Community. Suklap has been...

Maher Parivar Magazine

Welcome to Maher Parivar Magazine We are pleased to offer this publication to you, our valued community members. We hope you will find the information valuable and...

Maher Tournament 2023: Luton (Results)

Maher Tournament 2023: Luton By Sonia Suresh Modhwadia After four long years of putting the tournament on hold, with the help of UK Maher Sports, Luton...

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