Maher Single’s Event 2019

The Leicester Maher Community Association (LMCA) sponsored Singles Event 2019 was a great success.

The aim of the event was to facilitate a networking platform for our Samaj members looking to meet likeminded people for marriage.


Saturday 8th June event was held at Brick and Beam; a very chic and a stylish venue in Cultural Quarter of Leicester. The event was attended by many people and included a range of activities designed to encourage positive interaction that was very well received by the participants. There was no fee and all who attended were treated to a free lavish lunch and beverages. The relaxed ambience of event was welcomed by everyone and encouraged people to socialise even after the formal event ended.

A team of volunteers worked with passion and commitment to ensure attention to detail. Rambhai Odedra (Maheronline) oversaw promotional materials and registration process. Rohan Sida and Payal Odedra made key decisions about catering, venue, music and host and were guided by Hira Ram and Dilip Karavadra. Janki Sisodia and Bijal Odedra demonstrated excellent professionalism, hard work and interpersonal skills on the event day in meeting and greeting everyone. LMCA team marketed the event and this resulted in lots of single people registering to attend. Pre-planning, discussions, meetings, support from the community and overall team work was the key to making this a great event.

A special thanks to our senior member, Keshubhai Odedra (Maher) from Birmingham, who gave up his weekend commitments to attend the event and help. It really does help with a senior members attending the event to provide reassurance to organising team and to participants.

Given the restrictions of Bhaiyats and age differences; together with a dose of Maher traditionalism and social media generation – the event was a great success. This is a massive credit to the hard work of the volunteers who put it together.

The participants were very appreciative of the event and provided lots of positive and constructive feedback. It takes great courage to branch out of comfort zones and travel long distances to attend such events. The confidence of the attendees and positive encouragement of their family members are the results of such events taking place regularly.

I Would like to thank the team who organised it. They did an amazing job. 

Key things which I thought worked well were the following:
Surname letter – help to know someone’s surname without asking them
Venue – was the prefect size for the event
Activities – where better suited for the singles event.

Keep organising more events!


The LMCA will continue empowering the team of young volunteers in sustaining the trend: organising social events for our Samaj. Rohan, Payal, Janki and Bijal are keen in reviving New Maher Era to promote our values, our culture, our respect for each other, and keep the Maher community moving forward.

If anyone is interested in joining the team to plan future events then please email at