Priest performing Havan

A ritualistic puja is performed to keep us in harmony with the cosmic forces, thereby removing and overcoming the sorrows of life and bringing spiritual advancement.

By doing Puja/Havan, thoughts and vibrations of spiritual forces are created around us. These spiritual forces work to eliminate the negative influences in our life and help surround us with a positive energy which can bring us peace of mind, material prosperity and enable us to more clearly touch the divine, our true nature.

The periods when the results of our past actions, favorable or unfavorable, come to fruition are indicated by planetary positions at the time of our birth. A great deal about the events and influences of life can be predicted through the science of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology).

The malefic effects which are destined to befall us can be reduced by the grace of God by performing specific pujas as recommended in the scriptures.

The body, mind and spirit are purified and harmonized by meditation, prayers, mantra japa and the pujas we perform.

The result of these actions is to help purify us and to enable us to imbibe more deeply the spiritual energy invoked by the puja.

How Havans are Done?

Havans are revelations from the Higher Power to our Ancestors.  In these sacred rituals Agni (Fire) is lighted in the Havan Kund (the sacrificial fire) and various energies (deities) are invoked by chanting the mantras and through various postures (mudras).

Many offerings are made to these deities during the Havan for our prayers to be answered. The people who completely believe in the ritual are immediately benefited, as grace comes to them spontaneously and instantaneously

Why Do We Perform?

Havans are performed for several purposes; to dispel the negative energies in houses; to destroy negative life patterns; to annihilate negativity, curses of previous generations and also for counter black magic effects.

Havans also bring in high energies into houses, thereby paving way for positive thoughts, actions etc. They help in re-vitalizing the three energies in our body (Vata, Pitha, kapha) and help in maintaining energy balance.

During the havans, the divine energies from the deities flow into the body of the performer and thereby cleanse them of all negative energies and destroy negative samskaras.

They also bring in positive energies  which in turn affect and change the outside world.

The deities invoked during the Havans form a protective shield around the performer to safe guard them from any further evil energies.

Havans & Poojas

 Havan   1.  Maha Ganapathy Havan
  2.  Maha Mrithyunjaya Havan
  3.  Maha Sudarsana Havan
  4.  Nava Graha Havan
  5.  Karuka Havan
  6.  Tila Havan
  7.  Gayathri Havan
  8.  Lakshmi Kubera Havan
  9.  Ayushya Havan
10.  Dhanvantri Havan
 11.  Vidhya Havan
12.  Bagavathi Seva
13.  Planetary Poojas
14.  Saraswathi Pooja
15.  Lakshmi Pooja
16.  Durga Pooja
17.  Santhoshi Pooja
18.  Swayamvara Pooja
19.  Kali Pooja
20.  Bhadra Kali Pooja
21.  Shiva Pooja
22.  Subramanya Pooja
23.  Shiva-Shakthi Pooja
24.  Vishnu Pooja
25.  Vasthu Pooja

May the havans/planetary pujas bring all fortunes and blessings from the universal power into your life.

Maha Ganapathy Havan

* Done to remove obstacles,
* Performed during any auspicious beginning like

   commencing a business etc.
* Improved family bondage ,To overcome diseases.
* Achieving planned objectives without hindrance.
* For success in works/projects without any problems
* For education, marriage, health and wealth.
* To attain prosperity in various aspects of life.
* It is also done at the beginning of other Havans.

Sudarshana Havan

* The yantra used in the Homa, will keep all negativity  at a distance and bring in divine and auspicious energies.
* For victory, courage and prosperity.
* To annihilate evil forces.
* Stops the danger or problems, which may possibly occur in future.

Lakshmi Kubera Havan

* One of the most powerful homa for wealth and prosperity
* For faster recovery of dues
* To please the king (Deity) of wealth and prosperity.

Ayushya Havan

* For longevity; done during the 1st birthday of a child, If a child is constantly ill, this homa could be performed till the child attains good health.
* Performed on the star of the day the child is born.

Dhanvantri Havan

* Blessings of the deity invoked, cures even chronic diseases.

Vidya Havan

* For better academic performance
* Flowering of intelligence
* Increasing memory power

Vaastu Havan

* To remove Vaastu doshas in houses, commercial establishments, institutions, industries and localities. This Havan is done to remove ill effects of not constructing a house according to the Vaastu Sastra, which prescribes various principles and techniques for constructing houses and temples.

Houses, which are not built according to this science, are said to invite various problems like diseases, marital disharmony, problems in the family, loss in business etc.

This Havan is performed as a part of Grihapravesa (house warming) ceremonies for the overall happiness for those who live in the house.)

Durga Havan

* For removing negative energies
* Suffering caused by hostile elements are removed.
* Suffering resulting from sorcery, thieves etc, are removed by performing this havan.
* Other benefits are – improvement in health, wealth, progeny, fame, success, longevity, food, strength etc.
* Fear, danger and evil planetary influences are eliminated through this Havan.

Gayathri Havan

* Removal of negative karma and negative vasanas.
* Liberation of all karmic bondages (bondages that cause terrible health and financial difficulties).
* Helps in setting right relationships.
* Helps in the attainment of the highest goal.

Mahadevi Havan

* For getting a good match in marriage.
* Dedicated to goddess Parvathi to remove obstacles that delay any marriage.
* The apt bride or groom is blessed with suitable spouse.

Lakshmi Kubera Havan

* The yantra used in the Homa, will invoke riches dispelling any curse or obstacle in obtaining the same.
* One of the most powerful homa for wealth and prosperity.
* For faster recovery of dues.

Purusha Sukta Havan

* For begetting children in a family (progeny)
* For Success in our endeavors

Sudarshana Havan

* The yantra used in the Homa, will keep all negativity at a distance and bring in divine and auspicious energies.
* For victory, courage and prosperity.
* To annihilate evil forces.
* Stops the danger or problems, which may possibly occur in future.