Viral Keshwala becames the first Indian to play in AFL league

Recently Viral Keshwala became the first Indian to be President of (University of Massachusetts State) Southern New England School of Law student body president. Viral Keshwala is not an ordinary first-year law student.

Viral Keshwala becames the first Indian to play in AFL league

Vision of the dream started at the age eleven. At that early age he dreams to be a one the best player of the America’s prestigious Football game. Parent suggested that no Indian will ever become the American football player and request to concentrate in study. Parent viewed American football is a game of war, minimum weight, height has to be 300 pounds, 6’ 4”height and real physical contact could produce sustain injuries.

It is not simple game

But with hard work and dedication he became first Indian American to graduate from high school to achieve the honour roll athlete student All State award from the State of Connecticut. Later he became the first Indian American to receive college scholarship award of $140,000 dollars from the prestigious Colgate University to play college Football. Sure he’s taking classes in school of law and looking forward to taking the bar in under three years. But what separates him from the ordinary aspects of being a first year student is that he’s doing all these things while simultaneously entering his third year as an active professional football player.

Keshwala is also a member of the Manchester Wolves, a professional football team in the Arena Football League (AFL) headquartered out of Manchester, NH. The team plays a sixteen game season schedule beginning on April 3, extending through the end of July. The incredibly rigorous responsibility of being a first year law school student combined with the physical demand of being a professional athlete is a situation that almost any reasonable person would inherently avoid.

“It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Keshwala explained.

“If someone was in my shoes, they’d see what I go through. I think law school and football are similar. The mental exhaustion is the same the only thing that’s different is the physical aspect. I am a Rajput Maher and my ancestor history suggests that strength and power on what we stand on high.”