Other Maher Websites

Maheronline was the first website dedicated to Maher Community/ Samaj, launched in 1999. It’s most visited and comprehensive site on on net for our Maher Community. In recent years several other websites has been developed for a specific target market.

Website launched in November 2009 by The Supreme Maher Council India, information is in Gujarati and it’s aimed at Mahers Samaj in Guajarat, India.

Website launched in 2008. Providing loans and scholarships for talented but deprived students in India.

Maher Ekta is an online blog website providing news and articles in gujarati.

A gujarati online blog website providing articles in gujarati by Ashok Modhvadia

સત્ય હંમેશા બે અંતિમ ધ્રુવોની વચ્ચે ક્યાંક સંતાયેલું હોય છે.જેનો અલ્પાંશ પણ શોધવા માટે બંને અંતિમ ધ્રુવોથી મધ્ય તરફની સફર અનિવાર્ય છે. જે માટેની એક સફર છે આ વાંચનયાત્રા