Shri Ganesh


Shri Ganesh

Ganesh is the son of Parvathi and Siva. He is the remover of obstacles. He is worshiped first before starting any religious function. Other common names of Ganesh are Ganpathi, Vinaayaka and Vigneshara.

Auspicious days and festivals

The fourth day of the lunar fortnight (Chathurti) and Tuesdays and Fridays are special to Ganesh. The Chathurti that comes after a full moon is called Sankatahara Chathurti. Chathurti of the bright fortnight in the Hindu month of Simbha (Bhaadrapadha) is celebrated as Ganesh Chathurhi.

Special Offerings

Offerings of modhaka and of durva grass garlands are special to Ganesh. Lord Ganesh is decorated with viboodhi, turmeric and sandal powder. Performing Ganpathi Havan before starting any project is very auspicious.



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