Places to Visit

There are thousands of places to see in India and in Gujarat it self. Here are some of the popular places…
DwarkaOn the extreme western tip of the Kathiawar; peninsula, Dwarka is one of the four most holy Hindu pilgrimage sites in India and is closely related to Shree Krishna.
It was here that Shree Krishna set up his capital after fleeing from Mathura. Dwarkanath, the name of the main temple here, is dedicated to Shree Krishna.

Somnath Temple The Somnath in the Prabhas Kshetra in Saurashtra,on the western cost of Gujarat is one of the twelve Jyotirlings that are most scared to the Hindus. It is as old as creation and its reference is available in Rig Ved also.
The Somnath is known as the Shrine Eternal as it has withstood the shocks of time and the attacks of the distroyers. It has risen like a phoenix each time it was destroyed or desecrated. The present temple is the seventh temple built on the original site.

Diu FortDiu
Diu is a beautiful blend of sun, sand and sea. It is an island retreat gently rocked by the wind and the wave from the Arabian Sea. It offers you undisturbed peace and an unusual holiday.
Diu a former Portuguese enclave, and now a Union Territory is steeped in history. It was a sea-port and naval base of considerable strategic importance from the 14th-16th centuries. It has also been a vital trade link with the rest of India for traders overseas. Diu was under the sway of Chanda and Vaghela dynasties till the 14th Century. The Muslim rulers ruled over the island town till 1380 AD. Then came the mighty wave of invasion of the foreign rule that lasted for 450 years.

Temples at Mount AbuMount Abu
The only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu huddles among the rocks on a 1,220-m granite table mountain at the far southwestern end of the Aravalli hills.
It is built around a lake and is surrounded by forested hills. According to a legend, the place derives its name from Arbuda, a serpent who descended to the spot to rescue Shiva’s bull, Nandi. Besides having all the features of a pleasant hill resort.