Sumra Rajputs

Maher Surnames

Maher Surnames


Vansh :  Chandravanshi
Kuldevi :  Shri Sikoter Maa, Chamunda Maa, Balvi Maai, Khandhal Maa
Father  :  Shankar Bapa
Mother :  Anjani
Guru    : Gorakhnaath, Vachradada, Patha Pir
Brahmin:  Joshi
Barot   :  Brahbhat
Gotra   :  Aashtang

The Odedras within the Mer community were originally known as Sumra Rajputs.

Approximately 10 miles south-east of Porbandar is the village of Odedar. This is the village the Odedras are named after. Originally, they were known as Soomra Rajputs.

Sumra Rajputs are found as far North as Chambal (Madhya Pradesh) to the Peninsula of Saurashtra. It is stated that when the Sumra Rajput Mers initially came into the present day India, they separated into two, one heading towards Saurashtra and the other to Madhya Pradesh.

The Sumras of the desert are one of the subdivisions of the Parmar Rajputs. Together with the Umras (another division of the Parmars) the area of Alor is still known as Umra-Sumra.

The history of this district is similar to that of other districts of the lower Sindh region. Most of the Thar Desert was occupied by Parmar Rajputs named Sodha. The land East from Chachro to Gadra was owned by the Rathores. Sumras controlled the portion of land West of Chachro

Col. James Todd is correct in saying that the Sumras are Rajputs and not of Arab descent at all. The reason for this is that the majority of the Sumras were converted to Islam and to be treated more highly claimed that they were Arab Muslims. The Odedras are descendants of Sumras who did not convert to Islam and came to Kathiyawar.

The Sumras Dynasty flourished in Sindh during Mohammed Bin-Qaseem’s invasion of India. He reported them as a powerful clan ruling lower Sindh. It is generally accepted that after the defeat of the Sumras at the hand of the Mohammedan invaders they migrated to Gujarat by foot and boat. The Sumras settled originally in the village of Odedar, hence the name Odedra. 

Article supplied by Kishan V Sisodia; edited by Ravi Odedra