Natho – The Warrior || Documentary

The man named Natha Modhwadiya was the “Super Human” from Maher Cast of Saurashtra Gujarat, India.
Natha was called Super Human because he could not be killed by an weapon made in this world, this was due to the blessing of Lord Shiv (Mahadev).
Natha’s life began as a small farmer and then after became an out law “Baharvatiyo” and went to the place in Barda Mountain named “Pola Pana”.
Natha won many fights against the Kings who used to take Lagan (Tax) from farmers and poor people.
Documentary Making Team:
Lucky Keshwala (Script & Director & Producer)
Jit Keshwala (In & Singer & Co-Producer)
Vijay Odedra (in & Singer & Co-Producer)
Parbat Goraniya (in&as Natha)
Rajveer Odedra (VROKS) (Writer & Music & Editing)
Zahidkhan Nagori (Hindi Speech)
Kana Keshwala (Camera: Aum Studio)
Hardik Vaja (Camera: Dream Work Studio)
Kamal Sonraj (Voice Rec.: D Studio)
Special thanks to…..
Karan S. Jadeja
Hiralba Jadeja
And all other Members
|| Jay Nathraj ||
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