Mahers have migrated to all parts of the world


Many thousands of Mers have migrated to different parts of the world in search of better prospects. Even though it hasn’t always been a smooth transition moving away from home, leaving behind family and friends. However with their ability to cope with hardship, has served them well.
The first wave of migration was in the mid 1900’s, when many left Gujarat to set sail to Africa on cargo ships. The popular destinations were Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Dubai. However, after the Ugandan coup d’etat in which Idi Amin seized power Mers were forcibly removed along with other Asians. As a result thy sought refuge in the UK, Canada and the USA.
The Mers coped especially well since the availability of Gujarati food and clothing. Cities in the UK such as Leicester, London and Luton have become the major locations of the Mers in the UK.
Today Mers can be found all across the globe, from the USA to Australia.