Maher Samelan 2016 Calgary, Canada

Calgary has the highest number of Maher families in the North America Continent. This year Mahers in Canada
have registered non-profit organization named Canada Maher Community Association (CMCA). CMCA is excited
to host a Maher Samelan in association with North America Maher Community (NAMC). Samelan is going to
held from Friday, July-29 to Sunday, July-31, 2016.
Date: Friday, July-29 to Sunday, July-31, 2016 Optional (Monday, Aug-01, 2016)
Place: Marda Loop Communities Association 3130 16 St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 4G7
Come & experience The Maher Culture , language , arts , heritage , food , music , dance and so much more !
 Maher Samelan Calgary Canada 2016