Maher Samaj Jamnagar

Maher Community Centre, Jamnagar, India
Shree Maher Samaj Bhavan, Jamnagar, India

Our centre in Jamnagar is know as Shree Maher Samaj Bhavan, which is in Khodiyar Colony area of Jamnagar city.
Committee members are:
Shri Vikrambhai Odedra
(Orient Transport)
Cell Phone No. +919825162559
Shri Lakhabhai M. Keshwala
(Satyanaam Moulding)
Shri Bharatghai Gorania
(R.K.Guest House,Near Reliance Petro, Moti Khavdi)

History of the centre

Many hundreds of families of our community have been established in Jamnagar and in the villages around it. Moreover, there being a Medical College, many poor patients of our community have to stay in Jamnagar along with the members of their family, for many days. A senior member of the community, Shri Jethabhai Keshwala, serves selflessly through the Kabir Ashram in Jamnagar.
The people of the community in Jamnagar had a meeting with Dr. Virambhai along with the leaders of the community. Donation of RS.11lakhs was declared on the spot. A beautiful building of a Maher Samaj Bhavan” was constructed on Khambhaliya Road at the cost of RS. 30.00 lakhs. The workers from Jamnagar and Shri Jethabhai himself worked very hard in order to get donations and for constructing the building here.