Maher Origin

Most likely path of migration

The Maher people of Saurashtra, Gujarat, have generated considerable interest throughout the world. Various researchers and historians including British, Arabs, Americans, Indians, Germans and the Russians have shown a keen interest.
Mer Origin
The ancestors Mers, most likely came to India from Iran, via Baluchistan, Sindh, Rajasthan to Gujarat. When they first arrived India was under the rule of the Gupta Empire. 
Rajasthan shows evidence of Mer settlements; Jaiselmer and (from Sardar Jaslo), Ajmer (from Sardar Ajo).
The Odedra Mers originated from Sindh. Many writers reports of a powerful clan in Sindh called the Soomras, during various invasions of Sindh. The Soomras were the largest clan in Sindh and formed the majority of the Sindhi army. Following their defeat by arab invaders they migrated to Kathiawar by foot and boat which was mostly ruled by the Solankis, to save their families from persecution.
This is the story of Ra Navghan the Ahir ruler of Sorath (Area surrounding Junagadh) who re-takes his land from the Solanki’s of Patan. Following that his accepted sister Jahal is taken hostage by Soomra Hamir of Sindh but with the help of Varudi Ma; an avatar of Khodiyar Mataji. This story is narrated by Kanji Bhuta Barot and can be found here.
This website –  shows the history of the Soomras quite accurately but fails to mention their Rajput origin as at the time the Mohammedan invaders had little knowledge of what a Rajput was. Many Gujarati bhajans and gaarbas have the theme of Navghans heroic rescue in them. 
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