Introduction of ID Passes

24th August 2012
Dear Gnati brothers and sisters,
We recently wrote to you informing you of the introduction of ID Passes for this year’s Navratri festival celebrations.
As set out in our first letter, the central (and only) aim is to nurture and protect our proud heritage as a Maher Community. Your ID Pass will be your unique identity as a honoured and valued member of this great community. We hold great hope that this bring about renewed sense of belonging and in turn, drive more members to take an active part in our community affairs.
The introduction of ID Passes and ticketing is not for commercial purposes. Furthermore, these ID Passes and tickets will only be available to our Maher Community. We will not under any circumstances sell tickets to the general public.
Our Navaratri celebrations will be just like every year – for Mahers only. In this letter, we will set out details of how this new system will operate in practice. Fear not, help will be on hand at every stage as our clear aim is to achieve a smooth and pleasant transition to this new system. For ease, we have split this letter into separate sections so that you have a clear understanding on the
The sections are:
Section A: Shareholders – this includes both existing shareholders as well as all new shareholders.
Section B: Non-shareholders – this section only applies to you if you are not a shareholder, and for whatever reason, choose not to become a shareholder. This section sets out the ticketing/pass system.
Section C: Becoming a shareholder – this explains the process to follow if you are not currently a shareholder but wish to become one.
Section A: New and Existing Shareholders
We will prepare an ID Pass in the name of the shareholder. This will be done automatically. As an honourable and valued shareholder, you will also be entitled to complimentary passes for all your family members who live at your property. Just provide us with full details for each of your family members at living at your home together with identification as set out in the enclosed leaflet (“ID Requirements”). That’s it! We’ll do the rest.
ID Passes will be ready for collection from the Leicester Maher Centre from Monday 3rd September 2012. You must collect you ID Pass from us by no later than Sunday 30th September 2012. We are operating a collection only basis. We will not post the ID Passes for reasons of data protection and security. We need to be sure that you have received your ID Pass in order that you can peacefully enjoy the wonderful Navratri celebrations.
Please do let us know if you are unable to personally collect the ID Pass(es), so that we can agree alternative arrangements. You should be aware that in all instances, the original identification will be required to be presented before the ID Pass will be released.
We would remind you that there will be free entry for those under the age 18 years or over the age of 65 years as well those who are disabled. They will not need an ID Pass. We would advise however that you do keep some ID with you as door-staff may carry out random checks!
Section B: Non-shareholders
We appreciate that there will be members from our Maher Community who are, for whatever reason, unable to become shareholders this year,. We want you to also be able to enjoy the Navratri celebrations. You will however be required to purchase tickets.
In our last letter, we set out details of the ticketing prices. To re-cap, these are:
● £5.00 per day (per person)
● £50.00 for 9 day family pass (family members in the same household)
● £30.00 for a 9 day pass for single persons
You will need to contact us with your full details together with identification as set out in the “ID Requirements” leaflet for yourself (as well as for each member of your family if you are buying a family pass). We will take down all the necessary information and then process your application. We aim to issue you with your ticket passes straight away provided you have all the information and identification which we request from you.
Section C: Becoming a Shareholder
We very much hope you will become a shareholder in Maher Samaj (UK) Ltd. As already stated, the basic requirement is that there only needs to be just one shareholder in a household in order for all your family who live under the same roof to enjoy free admission to Navratri.
With this letter, we have attached an application form which we sincerely hope you will complete and apply for purchase of shares.
The process is very easy and straightforward.
1. Complete the application form and take requisite fee and hand this into Maher Centre office. You will be given a receipt for the fee and application. This application will be checked by the Company Secretary of Maher Samaj (UK) Ltd who may contact you for further details. Please remember that we (that is, the LMCA) do not have authority to issue shares to you. This is the sole and legal right of the Maher Samaj (UK) Ltd.
2. You should also let us have full details (including identification) for all the other members of your family for whom you will require ID Passes.
3. Once your application has been approved by Maher Samaj (UK) Ltd, you will then issued with an ID Pass for yourself (as well as your family members where you have requested so).
4. That’s it! You will also be pleased to hear that this process will be speedy and in most instances, you will be able to receive your share certificate and ID Pass on same visit.
If you are still unsure or undecided, you can ring either Mr. Nagajan Bapodara on 07866 493221 or the Maher Centre on 0116 242 5360 before hand and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.
Further information and enquiries
We trust that the information contained with this letter will have answered your queries. However, if you have any queries or further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to hear from you.
We have appointed Pritiben Badiani to oversee this whole process independently and impartially. Pritiben is a very experienced and capable person. She will be happy to deal with any enquiries you have relating to ID passes, tickets and becoming a shareholder.
We sincerely thank you for your ongoing support.
Yours sincerely,
On behalf of The Leicester Maher Community Association
Dr Bhimabhai Odedra
Managing Trustee
Lakhansibhai Modhwadia
Nagajanbhai Bapodra