Hathia Modhwadia

Jodha Karavadra

Hathia Modhwadia

The story of Hathia Mer of Modhwada is unique in the sense that he himself sacrificed his life to protect the village from the fear of being looted.

A soldier of Junagadh who was marching through the area, in a rood manner told his colleagues jokingly that, they would first go to Modhwada for plundering it and later to the village of Tukda for the same purpose. Hathia believed it to be true and serious threat to the Modhwada village. Without waiting to discuss the matter with anybody, he ran after them alone with open sword and attacked instantaneously.

The force and ferocity with which Hathia fought with the Junagadh soldiers was so great, that even after losing hus head, the body was reported to fight and chase the enemy soldiers to the distance of 10 miles.


Article supplied by Kishan V Sisodia