Duda Dhrangad Modhwadia

This is the story of the brave and religious minded Mer of village of Modhwada, named Dudo Dhrangad. The story took place sometime in 1635 when cattle-lifters of Vagher community from Jamnagar state, trespassed the boundary of the village and decamped with the herd of cattle. One of the sacred duties of a devout Hindu was said to be giving protection to the cows and dumb animals.
As soon as Dudo Drangad, also known as Bhagat learnt about this audacity of the Vaghers, he got ready with his sword and alone chased the cattle lifters. He took the permission of both his wives for the purpose of fulfilling religious duty that was dear to him as a Bhagat, the religious man, the young Mers of Modhwada village also got ready to help Dudo Bhagat in the righteous fight against the Vaghers. Before the Mer youths reached the spot of the clash, Dudo Bhagat was already in the midst o fight against the Vaghers. A number of cattle lifter were wounded and killed. They became very fierce and directly attacked Dudo Bhagat and wounded him fatally. The hoarse was also wounded while trying to protect the master. Dudo Bhagat was so much wounded that he fell down from the horse and died. The Vaghers however, had to run away.
In the mean time, the lonely wounded horse had returned to the village which was a certain proof that Dudo Bhagat was no more. The young Mers of the village of Modhwada returned to the village with the herd of cattle. Both wives of Dudo Bhagat lamented and wept profusely and decided to become Sati after the death of their husband. One of the wives, was however pregnant and therefore the elder one told her not to become Sati in order to give birth to the child of Bhagat and perpetuate his memory. The villagers were terribly sorry and regretful that the brave man from their village and one of his wives had given their lives for the sake of protecting the cattle herd of their village.
The Story does not end here, because one of the greatest achievements of Dudo Bhagat was that, he had initiated the construction of a strong fort around the village Modhwada, so that such unforeseen events of attack by dacoits on the life and property of the village may not take place. Unfortunately he died before the fort was completed. Subsequently work of the fort was completed by another brave man of Modhwada, named Duda Viram. A special niche was built in the wall to honour Dudo Bhagat, and to perpetuate his memory for generation to come.
Article supplied by Kishan V Sisodia