Dr. Sadhna Bokhiria

Dr. Sadhna Bokhiria
Sadhna Bokhiria, Ed.D., is a Professor of Education and the Chief Operating Officer for the Kapoor Foundations located in India and the United States. She specializes in organizational leadership development and curriculum design.
Dr. Bokhiria is also considered an expert on the Mers of Saurashtra and is especially interested in identity, authenticity, gender relations, and social discourse.
Currently investigating the correlation between stand-up comedians and higher intelligence, Dr. Bokhiria believes that it takes great courage and incredible intelligence to be authentic in today’s world and comedians exemplify this through their art.
Her work has been published in collaboration with the University of Arizona’s Cancer Center, and for the past decade, she has taught and mentored in underrepresented communities in India, England, and Africa.
Dr. Bokhiria takes pride in “keeping it real” and considers herself a hip-hop junkie.

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