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Art and craft are very colourful and vibrant. They are mainly based on religion and on their way of life.

Indian art and crafts are truly fascinating; it is incredible how ancient practices and traditions have continued since time immemorial.

The history of India is a story of unbroken traditions that have continued for over 5000 years. For centuries, Indian handicrafts have been distinguished for their aesthetic and functional value. Indian art has been influenced by many factors, mainly religious, political and social. India is a land of immense diversity. Various traditions, rituals, geographic and climatic conditions, lifestyles and cultures have given birth to numerous styles and designs. It has gradually evolved with the evolution of the civilization.

Techniques have been experimented and perfected upon through centuries. Indian art features spiral and curvaceous You Can Advertise Here lines, vines and tendrils, round figured women, circular amulets, colored gemstones, arches and domes, haloed deities, crescent moons and the sun. Nature has been very inspiring in this case, and Indian art has borrowed freely from it.

These crafts remained coveted and the skills were handed over from generation to generation. India is a land abundant in raw materials that have lent themselves to the creative hands of the Indian craftsmen. From expensive materials like ivory, gems and marble; to cheaper ones like clay, cane and bamboo and wood, Indian handicrafts have an amazingly captivating beauty. Another thrilling factor is the numerous processes that these materials go through before they take final shape. Processes like the ‘chikan’ work and ‘phulkari and bagh’ work on cloth; certain types of polishing and metal casting or even the filigree work on metals is unique to Indian art.