1st official Singles only event

 1st official Singles only event 2012
1st official Singles only event 2012

Dear Singles!

Our Maher Community is widely recognised as one of the most progressive and close-knit around the world. However, our proud community faces many challenges to maintain its identity and rich heritage in modern era.
Marriage is a significant part of our culture and religion. Finding a suitable partner is becoming ever more difficult and community has realised that there is a need to organise Singles Events, hence we have organised the 1st official Singles only event at our new Maher Centre, Leicester on 1st December 2012.
We encourage all singles to register online at www.maheronline.org/events/register-for-singles-event-2012 to attend this event which will be completely free of charge. To register you must be aged between 21 to 39 years old. Parents and community members are requested to support this event by encouraging their sons and daughters to attend the event.
Once registered online you will receive two e-tickets for the event via email, one for the single person taking part and another for a friend or family member that may wish to come.
You can also browse hundreds of profiles online at www.maheronline.org/matrimonials
If you have any further questions regarding this event then please email them to events@maheronline.org or write to Maher Centre, Ravensbridge Drive, Leicester, LE4 0BZ