Food and Drink

 Traditional Gujarati Thali

Traditional Gujarati Thali


Main diet consists of “rotli” (chapatti) made of flour and “sak” (curry, made of various vegetables). “Rotalo” is sometimes eaten instead of rotli, it is made with bajara flour. “Khichdi” is another popular dish; it is simple to make consisting of rice and lentils, with optional butter/yoghurt/milk. Home made pickles are commonly found in Mer houses. They are made using either chilliesmangoes, carrots and lemon. 

As for drinks, milk, “chaash” (lassi) and mango pulp are most popular. Bhajias (Onion Bhaji) and Dhokhla are eaten occasionally. Meethi (sweetmeats) are often served to guests and they include Jalebi, Monthar, Ladva, Bundi. These are also made during religious festivals such as Diwali and Satam-Aatham.

Wedding Food

Article by Ravi Odedra